D2D Database & App

About the Database

The D2D Database hosts student-generated quantitative physicochemical enzyme characterization data. Currently, the D2D Network is investigating the functional parameters: catalytic efficiency and thermal stability┬áof ­ŁŁ▒-Glucosidase variants. As this dataset expands, it will have applications for the RosettaCommons and other protein modeling communities as a benchmarking tool for improved enzyme design algorithms.┬á

About the App

The D2D App fits kinetic, colorimetric data to the Michaelis Menten model and a loss of function curve model to quantify the variants' catalytic efficiency and thermal stability, respectively. In this App, students are prompted to create an account, upload their sample's velocity values (change in color over time), after which they will then have an opportunity to review the data visually, and submit for faculty review. Data that is approved through a two stage, faculty instructor then D2D admin review, process will post to the database.