Professional Development

D2D professional development aims to give faculty the best possible toolbox for successful course implementation and provides energizing connections and relationships that fuel the network!

Planned Professional Development for 2024

This summer, we look forward to hosting a series of short seminars and workshops. Faculty joining our RCN-funded network should plan to attend the kick-starter seminar, CURE Pedagogy workshops, and a technical training (either remote or in-person). 

We are calling for 2024-2025 Network Cohort! Please submit your application and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions

D2D Summer Kick Off Seminar. 

Why/Goal: Rally shared excitement about D2D in 2023! Meet your colleagues and develop a sense of community. What: This 1.5-hour long session will focus on (a) history and rationale of D2D undergraduate research experiences, (b) future of D2D network and faculty community, (c) research goal and stakeholder relevance in protein engineering landscape. Members are encouraged to come with questions. We'll host this as a Zoom webinar with Q&A. Planned for mid-June, exact date TBD.


D2D CURE Pedagogy Workshop.  

Why/Goal: Integrating research into the classroom isn’t alway easy and there are some pedagogical practices that make teaching and learning more effective. Here we leverage our network to create community, build confidence and share knowledge to give our students the best possible learning experience. What: This day-long workshop professional development (hosted on Zoom) aims to build faculty member’s knowledge and skills to best facilitate their student’s learning in the D2D CURE environment and supplements the technical training focused on nuts and bolts of the experimental workflow to enhance research productivity. This series will be led by Prof. Kelly McDonald, who heads SIRIUS Project: a regional network supporting over 30 faculty at five institutions serving thousands of students annually. Date TBD, likely mid-June.


D2D Technical Training Bootcamp Week at UC Davis. July 22-26

The cornerstone of our network activities has been our immersive, week-long summer workshop. In this professional development experience, new network members spend a week at UC Davis exploring the series of protocols that comprise the D2D workflow. Network members are lodged together, enjoy local excursions, and make connections that create an essential support system for the first year of implementation and beyond

Sample schedule for technical training intensive week








System into - safety, lab tour, teaching space lab tour

Designing mutants in Foldit, ordering oligos

Welcome dinner with the lab.


Kunkel mutagenesis

BLR transformations

Free time


Sequence analysis in Benchling

Protein purification

Farmers market outing


Kinetic Assay

Thermal Assay

Late night work


Data analysis 

Wiggle room time

Dinner downtown with brewery visit




D2D Technical Training Crash Course on Zoom. July 29 - August 1 & November 18-21 

This crash course series will be held over 4 consecutive days, each crash course session will be 1.5 hour long. The sessions will feel short but highly productive. This series is targeted to D2D members who didn’t attend the in-person intensive but anyone seeking a refresher is also welcome to join. 

D2D Workflow crash course


Session topic/activity

Pre-session Homework


Module Design: live demo and exploration of Foldit, practice foldit design protocol. Short Q&A time for last 15 minutes

Download and install Foldit Standalone. Read paper on Foldit. 


Module Build: discussion session. Best practices in the wet lab. Q&A on kunkel protocols. Adaptations etc. Into to database and “mutant claiming”

Watch videos on kunkel mutagenesis protocols. Review lab manual: chapter “Build”


Module Test: discussion session. Best practices for growth/expression, purification, and assays. Q&A on protocols. Survival skills for assay day.

Watch videos on Protein Purification and Assay protocols. Review lab manual: chapter “Test”


Module Learn: live demo and exploration of database and data analysis tools. Practice uploading data and reviewing data. 

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We look forward to working with you this summer! Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about our programming and professional development. 


2019 D2D Faculty Teaching Team connecting in lab at our immersive summer workshop


We typically distribute our program solicitation and call for new members through SABERCUREnet, and CUR channels in winter. We are actively reaching out for new members. We welcome inquiries and questions! Our goal is to scale sustainably such that we can accommodate anyone who wants to join!